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See it in action now!

Own a hospitality business? See the latest, state of the art solution for your pub, bar, restaurant, cafe, quick service or multi-site business here!!

The OrderMate difference? We understand hospitality. OrderMate can be tailored and customised for your restaurant or cafe’s needs. With OrderMate, your staff immediately feel at ease and will be able to dive straight into servicing your customers and start making you more money.

OrderMate benefits
• Handheld ordering at an affordable price
• Manage your business anywhere in real-time
• Well designed seat numbering system for fine dining
• Full stock control integration with MYOB compatibility
• Increase your sales with online ordering
• No more lengthy staff training sessions with your point of sale
• Designed and developed for the Australian market giving you local service & support

Counter Service or Table Service?
Whichever way you run your cafe or restaurant, OrderMate has you covered.

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Adelaide POS Systems provide solutions specifically designed for the retailer who needs an affordable, accurate, easy to install and easy to use Point of Sale (POS) system.

SpeedyPOS Retail POS software helps you run your business – not just report on it. For businesses that need laybys, work orders, quotes and matrix style product configurations, SpeedyPOS is ideal. If you own a clothing store, shoe store, jeweller, furniture store or general retail outlet, SpeedyPOS is the answer for your business.

POSWise Point of Sale System provides an accurate and easy to use stock management and sales system which tracks purchases, sales and any adjustments of key product lines enhancing the reduction of wastage and improvements in profitability. If you own a fruit & veg shop, grocery or specialty store, liquor store or fast food outlet then POSWise is ideal for your business.

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New high resolution IP surveillance cameras from Germany. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!!

Where traditionally you may need 3, 4 or more cameras to cover a commercial size room, with the full 360 view with the Mobotix high resolution cameras, you may need just one.

The recorded image is stored in high definition quality, and also includes peripheral sound. There is no need for external storage devices if you don’t want them. The on camera SD card can store up to 3 weeks worth of data. If more required, then you can store to an external storage facility.

Access to the live video feeds is available by remote access using either your computer or smartphone. You can see what’s happening in your business from anywhere in the world. Because the cameras are motion activated, they can send a message to your phone the moment an intrusion to your business or home happens.

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