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Business Types


When accuracy determines the profitability of your restaurant Ordermate is a must for increased efficiency and management. A comprehensive Point of Sales solution, Ordermate gives your business the ability to track management, staff performance, margin analysis, wage cost, stock control and more, even on a multi-site level. 

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Grocery, Fruit & Veg & Fast Food Stores

Mix and match promotions, customer loyalty systems, high speed scanners, the use of integrated scales and speed of service are all important considerations for these stores. POSWise Retail Point Of Sale is the ideal solution. Optimise your Retail point of sale operation using this state of the art solution.

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General Retailers

Retailers, including Jewellers, Appliance Stores, Apparel and Furniture stores need the ability to transact sales as well as provide management functionality.  SpeedyPOS has what it takes for a retailer to be successful. Being a fully integrated package, it’s easy to keep track of every transaction in your store from sales, stock movements, taxes and gross profit, right through to staff actions and even customer details.

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