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Support Options

Adelaide POS Systems we know that not every business is the same.  So we don’t treat you like that.  But we also know that at some stage you are going to want our support.  So we’ve created a range of support options, one of which is sure to be right for you.

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Training & Installation

Finding your way around your POS system without having the proper training is like heading to an unfamiliar destination without a map. You may arrive  there eventually, but not without a lot of frustration and lost time.  Adelaide POS Systems provides a host of training options that can help you fully realize the value of your new POS system.  Our trainers are experts on the full suite of products we supply and they understand how adults learn – allowing them to easily adapt their training for different types of learners.

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Custom Configuration

As part of your initial implementation, Adelaide POS Systems will set your POS system up to work exactly the way you need it to.   With hundreds of implementations behind us, we’re able to to take advantage of years of industry experience to get the system working best for the type of business you run.

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Leasing & Finance

Now with our Equipment Rental or Purchase Plan, you can get everything you need right now, turn a “cash-up-front” investment into affordable monthly payments, and still maintain your cash reserves. Perhaps best of all, we understand your needs and we understand the details of your particular project. And that saves you time because you don’t have to explain everything again to a third party who may not be able to see the big picture.

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