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Accounting and Payroll Services
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Bookkeeping and payroll is a challenge for any small business.  It keeps you away from your customers and staff, which is where you are needed most.  You don’t have the resources to dedicate to these functions and you can’t justify the expenses of adding an accounting professional to your staff.

The quality of your accounting records significantly affects your business’ success.  With accurate and timely financial information you will be better equipped to run your business and make important decisions.

By leveraging technology our professional team provides offsite bookkeeping and payroll services throughout SA.  We have been in business since 1997 and have a depth of bookkeeping experience for hospitality and retail clients.

Bookkeeping- Accounts

# 1  Account Keeping

Transaction Recording (Bookkeeping) .  We will ensure that all of your expenses and income are correctly recorded in your chosen accounting software application on a weekly basis. We reconcile your bank accounts and credit card accounts as the statements arrive, usually on a monthly basis.  We will make any necessary adjusting journal entries as required.

Bookkeeping - Debtors

# 2  Debtors & Creditors

Invoice, Billing, and Estimate Preparation, A/P & A/R.   We will prepare your invoices, billing statements and any required estimates on a weekly basis. This also includes accounts payable (A/P) and accounts receivable, (A/R) including a weekly collections report and monthly aged debtors and creditors reports.

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# 3  Payroll Processing

We can prepare and process your weekly payroll, including printing payslips.  We prepare weekly payroll run reports, payroll expenditure reports, monthly PAYG remittance, superannuation, workers compensation and other deductionsreports, and on an annual basis the PAYG payment summaries.

Bookkeeping - BAS Preparation

# 4  BAS & IAS Preparation

We will help you to put aside the correct amount for GST tax on a monthly basis. We will also help you prepare your monthly IAS and quarterly BAS reports as per the requirements for your business, if applicable.

Financial Reporting

# 5  Financial Reporting

We will prepare monthly management reports to assist you to control you business more effectively.  These reports will include Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Summary Sales reports and rolling 12 month profit reports and graphs.

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